Recipes for Your Body, Mind and Spirit ~ Photo Contest!

Recipes for Your Body, Mind and Spirit ~ Photo Contest!

Do you have any favorite recipes from a Hay House book? We would love to see pictures of you enjoying, making, or showing off these tasty dishes!

Don't own any Hay House cookbooks yet? We’ll be sharing recipes with you throughout the month of November in our Holiday promotion emails and on all of our social media channels, so follow along and try one. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a dish you just can’t wait to pass around during the holidays!

Here are the places we'll be posting recipes–30 recipes in 30 days!

Instagram - @hayhouseinc

Upload your pictures and ask your friends to vote for your picture for a chance to win one of many great prizes!

ONE (1) winner will receive a Pair of Passes to an I Can Do It! conference in 2013, and a Hay House Cookbook Bundle

FIVE (5) winners will receive Hay House Cookbook Bundles

ONE (1) winner will receive an Amazon Kindle

THREE (3) winners will receive $25 Hay House Gift Cards

If you happen to post pictures of these recipes to any of your own social media, make sure to use #HayHouseRecipes, we’d love to see your creations!

Contest runs 11/01/2012 to 11/30/2012

Contest ended 11/30/2012.

Check out our winners below.