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Judy Smith is on speed dial for some of the highest-profile celebrities, politicians, and corporations in the world. Smith has become the go-to person for corporations, politicians, and celebrities seeking counsel in times of crisis. ...

Welcome to the Real World: Are you Ready?

It’s that time of year when families and friends gather to say: “Congratulations, new graduate. Your future awaits.” Finally, your hard work has paid off and you have the proof; your diploma shows prospective employers that you are hard working, competent, able and can persevere despite any and all obstacles thrown your way. Or... does it? As a new grad, you may think that you are ready to take on the world just because you have reached such a major milestone but this naive confidence may be setting you up for future crisis in the next phase of your life. How well has your schooling really prepared you for the real world?  Take this quiz to reveal if your educational experiences are likely to translate into real world success. 

Which Scandal character are you?

The characters of ABC's Scandal face crisis on a daily basis but they have very different approaches to their problems based on their personalities. Sure, we all would love to handle crisis like Olivia Pope and her associates, but more than likely, we approach crisis like some of the other characters we see each week on the show.  Take this quiz to see how your personality may affect the way you approach a crisis.  Are you more prone to solving a crisis sucessfully or are you more likely to be in a situation where you will make a bad situation worse? 

Are You Headed Toward Crisis?

Are you steering straight towards a crisis and don’t even know it?  While we all might think we are driving along Drama Free Drive, we often don’t realize that we are headed straight for the cliffs of disaster.  Part of the reason that I wrote Good Self, Bad Self was to not only help people navigate through a crisis but help them avoid crisis in the first place.  Take this quiz to see if your actions are leading you into trouble ahead. Then flip to the corresponding chapters in the book to see how you can avoid bumpy roads along your path.