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Which Scandal character are you?

The characters of ABC's Scandal face crisis on a daily basis but they have very different approaches to their problems based on their personalities. Sure, we all would love to handle crisis like Olivia Pope and her associates, but more than likely, we approach crisis like some of the other characters we see each week on the show.  Take this quiz to see how your personality may affect the way you approach a crisis.  Are you more prone to solving a crisis sucessfully or are you more likely to be in a situation where you will make a bad situation worse? 

1. Do you have a temper?

2. Do you believe that the truth will set you free?

3. Do you have regrets in life?

4. What do you do if things aren’t going your way?

5. Which describes your initial reaction to a crisis?

6. Your thoughts on enemies:

7. How would you describe your loyalty?:

8. How do you normally solve your problems?

9. Are you worried about other people spilling you secrets?:

10. What do you think about sharing how you feel when you are trying to resolve conflict?