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  • Fresh Meat:

    The Poor Boy's Game by Dennis Tafoya is a standalone thriller about Frannie, a Federal Marshall whose violent childhood memories...

  • Game of Pawns: FBI Creates Anti-Spying Short Film

    Game of Pawns: No, it's not the cutthroat tale of four families desperately trying to take over a throne pawnshop,...

Killer E-Book Bundle for Mystery Lovers

Just in time for the holidays, here are Agatha Christie giftable e-book collections. The Complete Miss Marple eBook Collection and The Complete Tommy & Tuppence eBook Collection are already bundled and ready for giving! And you can gift


Read an exclusive excerpt of Mari Hannah's THE MURDER WALL

The Murder Wall: It's where you look death in the face.

Months after discovering a double homicide in a sleepy village, detective Kate Daniels is still haunted by her failure to solve the crime. When


Hurray! Today's Nook Daily Find is WHAT THE DEAD KNOW by Laura Lippman

WHAT THE DEAD KNOW is Today's Nook Daily Find--ONLY $1.99!

One of the most acclaimed and honored writers in the field of crime fiction, Laura Lippman offers readers a gripping tale of deception