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How well do you know Yo La Tengo?

The first biography of Yo La Tengo, the massively influential band who all but defined indie music.

1. What job did Yo La Tengo guitarist Ira Kaplan hold at Maxwell's, the Hoboken club where the band got their start?

2. Which of the following bands did not appear at Music For Dozens, the concert series that Ira Kaplan co-organized at the tiny Greenwich Village venue Folk City?

3. Georgia Hubley drummed in a tribute act for which band of siblings before the founding of Yo La Tengo?

4. What was the name of the fanzine that future Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew published from a parking lot attendant's booth in Charrlotesville, VA?

5. Who wrote "Nuclear War," the song with which Yo La Tengo had an unlikely Billboard hit in 2002?

6. What do Yo La Tengo do every year as a promotional stunt for the New Jersey radio station WFMU?

7. Who has not appeared onstage with Yo La Tengo at their Hanukkah shows at Maxwell's?

8. Members of which comedy team co-starred with Yo La Tengo in the "Sugarcube" video?

9. Which Yo La Tengo song is named in a reference to The Simpsons?

10. Which television show did Yo La Tengo not read an episode of onstage during their Wheel Spinning Tour?